About Us

"Find a Dress that Complements You!!"

What inspired me to launch BUTIQUE50 was being a curvy women and always looking for the right dress or pants that fits.  I had to learn to stay in my lane with A-line and Swing dresses that complement me. This is how BUTIQUE50 came about.

 BUTIQUE50  a One Stop Shop, providing sophisticated clothing for women with stylish accessories such as Shoes, Handbags, Jewelry, Swimwear and more to come. Our goal is to have a place where you can Find a Dress that Complements YOU; the accessories that bring it all together.  Dress like the QUEEN you are!!!

Our Core Values 
V - View Yourself as God Sees You
I -   I  Am Beautiful 
R-  Ruling over Self Hatred
T- Treat Yourself  With Encouraging Words
U- Utilizing a Sister Hood With Like Minds
O - Open Your Mind To The Greatness Within
U - Upscale, Upscale, Upscale, Never Settle
S - See You, Love You
Makeitha Covington 
Enjoy Shopping at BUTIQUE50 for any occasion, be on the look out for package deals and super discount codes.